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30+ Podcast Leaders Will Teach You How to Create, Produce, Grow & Monetize a Next-level Podcast

30+ Podcast Leaders Will Teach You How to Create, Produce, Grow & Monetize a Next-level Podcast

October 9th - 11th, 2023 -
Virtual Summit

October 9th - 11th, 2023 - Virtual Summit

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Next-Level Podcasting

In 2023, normal podcasts just don’t cut it, listeners expect more...

To grab a listener’s attention, your podcast needs a strong content, marketing, and monetization strategy.

You need a Next-Level Podcast!
A Next-Level Podcast, combines high-quality production with high-quality marketing strategy. Your podcast becomes a place for your listeners to engage with you and your content, instead of passively listening to an episode, leaving, then never coming back.

To grow your audience and monetize your podcast you need repeat listeners.

Whether you’re new to podcasting or you’ve been doing it for a while, a next-level podcast can help you achieve your goals and make you money.

The only problem, you don’t know how to create a podcast…

Discover what's Next

At this event you'll have the unique opportunity to learn how to create, produce, and grow a next-level podcast from 30+ leaders in the podcasting and marketing industries. They'll share their secrets and you will gain invaluable insights into next-level podcasting and what it takes to make your podcast stand out from the rest.

Come join us October 9th-11th 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Our Speakers have been Featured in...

Meet the Expert Speakers

Travis Chappell

•  Monetizing Podcast  

Ryan Helms

•  CEO of Legacy Podcasting  

Ramon Ray

•  Author, "Celebrity CEO"  

Danielle Corbett 

•  Podcast Marketing Coach  

Todd Cochrane

•  Todd Cochrane. CEO,
Blubrry Podcasting  

Anne Claessen

•  Founder of The
Podcast Babes  

Josh Steimle

•  Josh Steimle, Founder, Published Author  

Michelle Kuei

•  Creator of Attract Clients Through Storytelling  

Erik K. Johnson

•  Podcast Talent Coach  

Dilip Kumar

•  Podcast Coach  

Michelle Dale

•  CEO of Virtual Miss Friday  

Karen Yankovich 

•  CEO Uplevel Media  

Audrey Bell-Kearney

•  Chief NoiseMaker: Noise Media Network  

Melitta Campbell

•  Confident Communication Coach  

Mathew Passy

•  Founder of The
Podcast Consultant  

Laura Lopuch

•  Cold Email & Pitch Expert  

Annie Virga

•  Vice President of Customer Success at PodUp  

Todd Williams

•  Chief Customer/Revenue Officer at PodUP  

Viveka Von Rosen

•  Chief Visibility Officer
of Vengreso  

Lauren V. Davis

•  Founder of Lauren Davis Creative  

Sharvette Mitchell

•  Founder of
Mitchell Productions  

Rob Kirkpatrick

•  Executive Producer  

Max Branstetter

•  Founder of MaxPodcasting  

Keith Reynolds

•  Founder of Spoke Media  

Courtney Elmer

•  Founder & CEO of The EffortLESS Life®  

Stu Heinecke

•  Author of How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed  

Pete A Turner

•  Host of Break It Down Show  

John Ainsworth

•  CEO of Data Driven Marketing  

Krystal Proffitt

•  Host of The Proffitt Podcast  

Phil Graham

•  CEO of Phil Graham Digital & Host of the Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast  

Katie Brinkley

•  Founder of Next Step Social Communications  

Leonard Scheiner

•   Founder of Geek Haus  

Stacey Chillemi

•  Host of The Advisor w/ Stacey Chillemi  

Danielle M Stinnett

•  CEO of Octane Design Studios  

Deanna Seymour

•  Host of Breaking the Rules of Online Business Podcast  

Virginia Elder

•  Founder of Podcast Abundance  

Dr. Noah St. John

•  Author of The 7-Figure Expert  

Stephanie Gass

•  Host of The Stefanie Gass Show  

Jonathan Jones

•  Owner of Jonathan Jones Speaks  

Timothy Hughes

•  CEO of Digital Leadership Associates  

Krystal Proffitt

•  Host of The Proffitt Podcast  

John Ainsworth

•  CEO of Data Driven Marketing  

Lauren V. Davis

•  Founder of Lauren Davis Creative  

PLUS: Free Live Training

Learn the Power of Consistent Publishing

With one Seriously Powerful Training!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - 5pm pacific 8pm eastern
For a podcast, the first 100 episodes are crucial for establishing credibility and gaining traffic. However, as a podcaster, publishing 100 episodes can be a daunting task.

In this live training, PodUp CEO Nathan Gwilliam will share a strategy you can use to stay organized and consistent through your first 100 episodes and beyond.

Summit Sessions

Each day’s Interviews will be posted at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific

 DAY 1


"Creating and Producing
a Next-Level Podcast"

  • Using Podcasts to Build Your Platform and Showcase Your Expertise
    Speaker:  Sharvette Mitchell
  • Be the Celebrity CEO of Your Brand With Podcasts 
    Speaker:  Ramon Ray
  • ​You CAN Start a Podcast!: Communication Confidence
    Speaker: Melitta Campbell
  • ​Podcasting 2.0
    Speaker: Todd Cochrane
  • ​Connect with Amazing People...
    with Podcasts!
    Speaker: Josh Steimle
  • ​Successfully Pitch Guests to Interview Them (for Growth)
    Speaker: Laura Lopuch
  • ​Creating Content that Engages Your Listeners
    Speaker: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • ​Perfecting Your Podcast Quality for Growth Potential
    Speaker: Max Branstetter
  • ​Selling Your Podcast Concept to a Major Network
    Speaker: Keith Reynolds
  • ​Podcast Production : Creating and Managing a Podcast
    Speaker: Annie Virga
  • ​How To Leverage A.I. To Create Your Own Podcast Network
    Speaker: Audrey Bell-Kearney

 DAY 2


"Promoting and Growing
a Next-Level Podcast"

  • Launch and Grow a Podcast Your Audience Will Love!
    Speaker:  Michelle Kuei
  • The Insider Secrets to Launching a Top 100 Podcast
    Speaker:  Courtney Elmer
  • ​Growing Your Podcast "Like a Weed"!
    Speaker: Stu Heinecke
  • Breaking Through the Growth BS: Real Growth Strategies
    Speaker: Pete A Turner
  • ​Creating a Profitable Content Funnel from Podcasts
    Speaker: Ryan Helms
  • ​How to Grow Using Facebook Organic Strategies
    Speaker: Dan Thomas
  • ​How to Grow Using Facebook Ads
    Speaker: Phil Graham
  • ​How to Grow Using Instagram
    Speaker: Katie Brinkley
  • ​Using LinkedIn and PR to Promote Your Podcast
    Speaker: Karen Yankovich 
  • ​Promote Your Podcast with LinkedIn
    Speaker: Viveka Von Rosen
  • ​How to Leverage PR to Grow Your Podcast
    Speaker: Leonard Scheiner
  • ​Grow by Being a Guests on Others' Podcasts
    Speaker: Stacey Chillemi
  • ​Grow by Leveraging Outsourced Team Members
    Speaker: Michelle Dale
  • ​Growing a Podcast Community (and Taking Risks to Nurture It)
    Speaker: Danielle Meadows Stinnett
  • ​Using Private Podcasts to Grow Your Network and Email List
    Speaker: Deanna Seymour
  • ​How Podcasting Can Help Create, Grow and Monetize Your Business
    Speaker: Todd Williams

 DAY 3


"Monetizing a
Next-Level Podcast"

  • Monetizing Podcasts for
    Business Owners
    Speaker:  Anne Claessen
  • ​4 Ways Stand Out To Brands & Podcast Sponsors
    Speaker: Danielle Desir Corbett 
  • ​Monetizing Your Podcast Beyond Ads 
    Speaker: Mathew Passy
  • ​Podcasting as a Marketing Strategy for Your Business
    Speaker: Virginia Elder
  • ​The 7-Figure Expert Formula for Podcasters
    Speaker: Dr. Noah St. John
  • ​How Podcasting Helped Me Grow a Profitable Business
    Speaker: Stephanie Gass
  • ​Monetizing a Podcast Using Affiliate Marketing
    Speaker: Dilip Kumar
  • ​Monetize a Podcast Through Paid Speaking Engagements 
    Speaker: Jonathan Jones
  • ​Utilizing Podcasts for Social Selling and Lead Generation
    Speaker: Timothy Hughes
  • ​How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Your Podcast
    Speaker: Erik K. Johnson
  • ​How to Strategically Use Your Podcast to Sell Your Next Product
    Speaker: Krystal Proffitt
  • ​How to Double Your Course Revenue in Under Two Months
    Speaker: John Ainsworth
  • ​Monetize your Consulting Business with Personal Branding and Your Podcast
    Speaker: Lauren V. Davis
  • ​Monetizing Podcast
    Speaker: Travis Chappell


  Who is Podcasting Summit for?

Podcasting Summit is for current podcasters looking to take their show to the next level and for future podcasters who want to create something amazing.

  Is Podcasting Summit really free?

Yes! Anyone who registers on this page is able to watch the Podcasting Summit interviews when they are broadcast from Oct 9-11, 2023 completely free. Once you register, you'll also be provided with more information about how you can obtain free lifetime access to all the interviews.

  Are the interviews live?

Interviews have been recorded prior to the event but will be broadcast for a limited period of time over the summit schedule from October 9 - 11, 2023. Once you register on this page, you'll receive more details about how you can obtain free lifetime access to all the recordings!

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